The News Spy Review

Article updated: 05/06/2020

Conclusion: The News Spy is a reliable software and suitable for beginners and professionals. TRY NOW for free.

We know that it must be difficult for new investors to decide which cryptocurrency trading robot to use because they are so many in the market. Our experience with trading robots makes it easy to know which of these systems are effective.

We have leveraged our experience to test The News Spy; it is a popular cryptocurrency trading robot currently available to the public. Before we did this review, my team did a poll to know how many people will be interested in learning more about The News Spy.

The information we got revealed that so many people are interested in trading cryptocurrencies with The News Spy.

We have done comprehensive testing to know if the features of The News Spy can increase the earning opportunities of the users.

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The News Spy Review

Why we are interested in trading robots

We have been making money with trading robots such as The News Spy for a long time. These automated systems have made it so easy to become very rich without stress.

We know it is almost like taking free money, but that is why we have the technology, to do things faster and better.

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The News Spy benefits


Safety – 96%
Return on Investment – 93%
Usability – 92%
Minimum deposit- 92%
Demo Account – 90%
Support – 90%
Payouts- 96%
Fees- 93%

Testing The News Spy

For this review, we created a profile to match the crypto trading system; our profile reflected standard features that must be available on effective trading platforms.

However, before we started the review, my team confirmed that The News Spy is a legit crypto trading robot with an active licence.

Based on our experience with The News Spy, we know that the crypto trading system is fully automated, all we needed to do was click on a button to activate the trading robot, and that was all, we just sat there watching the trading robot do all the work.

We were also very happy when we discovered that the minimum deposit on The News Spy is only $250. This meant that if the crypto trading platform turned out to be excellent, it would be very easy and affordable for more people to make money from the cryptocurrency market with an investment of only $250.

We divided the testing plan into bits, and each section of the analysis we carried out was rated over a 100% benchmark.

Start Trading in 3 easy steps

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2. Make a deposit

Choose whether you want to pay the minimum required amount or invest a higher amount. Choose your preferred payment method.

3. Start Trading

With the now accessible trading dashboard you can check your status and make payouts.

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The News Spy how it works

Online security tests

We found out that The News Spy is protected by a strong antivirus program. The first analysis we did was testing the effectiveness of this antivirus, we made attempts to gain access to the system and launched a DDoS attack, and we also attempted to use the trading feature remotely. All our efforts failed.

The antivirus blocked our attempts to access The News Spy illegally. My team was impressed; we score the crypto trading robot 98% for security.

Usability assessment

We also analysed the ease at which users can trade with The News Spy. Overall, we can confirm that the operations on the site are controlled by single clicks, which makes it so easy to use.

We did a live trading session, and it started with a click; also, the withdrawal and making a deposit function were made with simple clicks. We rated The News Spy 95% for usability. We are certain that no one will have issues when using this trading robot.


The big question is this- how much money can be earned with The News Spy?

There are so many testimonials posted by active users, we read them and saw that some traders are earning up to $5,000 every day.

Impressive, on our part, we traded with the minimum deposit, our trading session lasted for seven hours, and we earned a profit of $973, it was amazing, all that money in one day. And it was our first test of the live trading feature.

We confirmed that every user could earn a profit daily. That was not all, withdrawals can be made daily, and we also confirmed that the customer care support system is always online 24/7. My team was impressed with The News Spy.
The News Spy analysis

The News Spy – Our Verdict

We are happy with the results that have been obtained during this review. It is apparent that all users will become rich from trading crypto with The News Spy.

We also noted that the trading robot, payout system, and remuneration are accurate. There was no indication of hidden fees on The News Spy. My team concluded that it is one of the best trading platforms out there, so we recommend The News Spy to everyone.

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